Adult Castings for wannabe pornstars

We provide free and serious adult castings for modern girls and women who would like to start a career as a pornstar. The adult entertainment business is more and more populated by actresses and the competition has never been so high. But also revenues from adult performing has never been so high. Once a pornstar has earned herself a good name in the business, she can easily earn have a weekly revenue of 10 - 20,000 $ just by stripping in fancy US night-clubs. But first, you have to get known, and build up a basis of fans. The real task is to emerge from anonimity. To become a character people become in love for. But this is your lucky day. Making you famous is our business.

If you are a good looking girl with legal age or elder woman in good shape and you are committed to work in the adult business, join one of our professional adult castings, which will put you in the attention of the world's major adult producers.

We travel worldwide constantly for casting the pornstars of tomorrow. Send us one or more pictures of you - possibly nude or in lingerie - and tell us as much as possible about you.

First question: Do you REALLY enjoy sex? Nowadays this is an essential requirement to become a good pornstar. Thousands and thousands of porn movies have made the viewers very exigent, they don't like to see a woman who is clearly making sex just for money, which is boring and spoils their pleasure. There is no future there. And this is not our style. We are committed to quality. If you want to start this career you must first of all enjoy your job. We are definetly not interested in prostitutes, but in serious, anticonformist and courageous modern girls and women who are interested in starting a career able to provide them with exotic experiences, cool travel opportunities, strong financial independence and - if you will be able to deserve it - perhaps even a shining international career and worldwide celebrity. Many top stars have started with adult films and afterwards have emerged in the mainstream movie industry. Pamela Anderson and Paris Hilton have become worldwide famous only after that their "stolen" hardcore videos had been circulating on the Internet. Big stars like Tracy Lords and Jenna Jameson have started their career in little low budget and humble porn movies, and now they are millionaire. Sex pays. Real sex has endless fans, and it's the easiest (and most pleasant) way to emerge in the world's overpopulated show business.

If you already had experiences in this field, specify all details and talents in your CV. We may be interested also in couples who want to try this new experience together. We may be interested in males only if with really extraordinary features.

to book a free adult casting and start your career as the pornstar of tomorrow.